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Wamukota Sitati

Legal Assistant

Mr. Sitati is undergoing his pupillage programme awaiting to be admitted to the bar. He is an outstanding pupil with very impressive work etiquette. He is keen to detail and always eager to learn.Mr.Sitati heads our filing and service department where he diligently ensures court documents are promptly filed and served on time.

Mr. Sitati has taken keen and robust interest in Legal Writing and Drafting and has so far exhibited outstanding and relentless draftsman ship. Since joining the firm in October 2020, Mr. Sitati has taken deep interest in criminal and civil litigation and is mainly in charge of drafting court pleadings and documents under the supervision and guidance of the Advocates. Mr. Sitati is a team player and possesses the ability to deal fairly.Mr. Sitati attends court and is able to efficiently interact well with senior members of the profession.

His main areas of practice revolve around Human Rights and practice, Legal Writing and Drafting, Employment Law and Practice, Constitutional law, Election Law and Practice, Criminal Litigation and Judicial Review.

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